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Standard United States Postage (1847-1920)
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Regular Issues of 1902-1903

In 1902, the Bureau of Printing and Engraving produced a new series of regular postage stamps. These new designs were of much higher artistic quality than prior issues. They also included the names of the various subjects to increase historical awareness of citizens. The 2c Washington stamp was re-designed in 1903 (Scott #319) due to numerous complaints regarding the frame around the stamp.

#300 blue green
1c Benjamin Franklin

#301 carmine
2c George Washington

#302 bright violet
3c Andrew Jackson

#303 brown
4c Ulysses S. Grant

#304 blue
5c Abraham Lincoln

#305 claret
6c James A. Garfield

#306 violet black
8c Martha Washington

#307 pale red brown
10c Daniel Webster

#308 purple black
13c Benjamin Harrison

#309 olive green
15c Henry Clay

#310 orange
50c Thomas Jefferson

#311 black
$1 David G. Farragut

#312 dark blue
$2 James Madison

#313 dark green
$5 Marshall

#319 carmine
2c George Washington

During the period of 1900-1906, the Postal Department began experimenting with stamp affixing and vending machines. Unfortunately, the 12 perforation in use at the time was fragile and would easily break inside the machines. A series of 1c, 2c, and 5c stamps were printed imperforate and were sold to the machine companies for them to cut their own private perforations. Some of these privately perforated stamps are extremely collectible and rare. The stamps depicted below are simply the imperforate varieties.

#314 blue green
1c Benjamin Franklin

#315 blue
5c Abraham Lincoln

#320 carmine
2c George Washington
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