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Standard United States Postage (1847-1920)
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First Issues of 1847
Issues of 1851-1856
Issues of 1857-1861
Issues of 1861-1866
Issues of 1867
Pictorials of 1869
Issues of 1870-1871
Issues of 1873
Issues of 1875-1879
Issues of 1881-1883
Issues of 1890-1893
Columbians of 1893
Issues of 1894
Issues of 1895
Issues of 1898
Trans-Mississippi of 1898
Pan-American of 1901
Issues of 1902-1903
Louisiana Purchase of 1904
Jamestown Expo of 1907
W/F Issues of 1908-1909
W/F Coils of 1908-1909
W/F Bluish Paper of 1909
Commemoratives of 1909
W/F Issues of 1910-1911
W/F Coils of 1910-1913
Panama-Pacific of 1913-15
W/F Issues of 1912-1914
W/F Issues of 1912-1914
W/F Issues of 1914-1915
W/F Coils of 1914-1916
W/F Issues of 1914-1915
W/F Coils of 1916-1917
W/F Issues of 1916-1917
W/F Coils of 1917-1919
W/F Issues of 1917-1919
W/F Issues of 1918-1920


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Welcome to my internet stamp album!

Scott #23

This site contains photos and details of my entire US stamp collection, including all the details of when/where I acquired each stamp and its conditions. My goal is to share what I have, and to provide an example for others who might want to create a web page for their collection.

I specialize in early United States postage stamps, generally before 1930. I do not desire (nor have the means) to own a copy of every variety of stamp, but do hope someday to have a relatively complete collection of the major collectible items. For greater detail regarding my collection and methods, please see the "my collection" page.

This album is a constant work-in-progress. I will slowly add content, along with new stamps as I acquire them. Please send me an email (using the contact link above) if you care to comment on my collection or this website.


05-05-2012: Several new stamps added. Life is too busy to devote as much time as I would like to my collection. But someday this will be a huge passion of mine.

10-07-2010: After a long period of inactivity, I finally started back at the task of building pages and scanning my stamps. I also incorportated a slideshow on this homepage.

10-02-2009: I have completed scanning and entering all of my stamps through the 19th century. As to today, that includes 120 items from my stamp collection. Much more to go. I also hope to add a few items from OKPEX 2009 today.

09-24-2009: Work continues. I have found several very useful javascript routines at leigeber.com that have been incorporated into the site. These include "TinyBox" for pop-up stamp details, and "TinyTable" for the collection summary page.

09-17-2009: Project started